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Private:  Restricted to Personnel from North Myrtle Beach Police, Fire, Beach Patrol and Beach Life Guards

Class size: Limited to 3 per available boat

Preregistration Required: (10% late fee less than 14 days before class)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: 16 hour course covering operations, safety, boat construction and orientation, maintenance and care, start up procedures, boat crew assignments, equipment, command and control driving skills, rescue and recovery concepts including along side, throw lines, drag lines, and deployed swimmer . Boat handling skills to bring the boat and crew within safe approach under stressful situations in surf conditions.

This course is taught in conjuction with already certified surf lifeguards, who are certified to swim free of PFD’s, or for personnel not certified to swim free of PFD’s, police, fire, ems and/or rescue team members.

COURSE FORMAT: The FRBO 1 course is normally taught in a two day format. 0800-1700. There is no night training in the PWCSURF 1 1 course. Day 1 morning lecture and boat orientation, mechanics and prepping for launch. Day 1 afternoon is in  water driving and intro to skills. Day 2 is all skills day in water.

The person completing this course will have the knowledge and skills to operate and command a rescue boat in surf situations. They will have crew, operating, search and rescue skills needed to be an effective boat captain or crew member.

Prerequisite:  Ocean Lifeguard to deploy from craft without PFD. Good physical condition and swimming ability.

STANDARDS: This course meets and exceeds Industry Standards and NFPA 1670 and 1006 requirements.

PPE: Each student is required to provide their own Personal Protective Gear:

  •  “USCG” approved Type III or V PFD (Type V preferred)
  • Wet suit boots with hard sole bottom or tennis shoes
  • Water or vertical rescue helmet w/ waterproof light
  • Full wet or dry suit as weather conditions dictate
  • Water or abrasion protective gloves
  • Rescue boat and motor for up to 3 students.

RENTAL GEAR: Not Available

PHYSICAL FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: RTI field courses are strenuous in nature. RTI recommends the student be in good physical and mental condition and good swimming ability.

Additional course information will be emailed to each student registered.

Applications due two weeks prior to class

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