RTI is monitoring the COVID-19 suggested and required safety cautions.
Our current guidelines are:

  • Follow the current LOCAL requirements. At our New Braunfels training sites, maskS are not required and may not be permitted during some phases of training. In town, all businesses require you to wear a mask in stores and at restaurants until seated.
  • At all other training sites, we try to follow requirements and suggestions SO long as it does not become a safety hazard.

If you have recently been exposed to a CONFIRMED case or you are exhibiting current signs and symptoms of having the virus, we require you to stay home and attend a class at a later date.

Search & Rescue, Safety, Survival

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We began as Rescue Training Inc. in 1996 based in New Braunfels, Texas, USA. Because we travel to other states and countries to teach, as well as having students come from all over the world to train here with us, we got our DBA as Rescue Training International in 2005.

Because a great percentage of our client base is in the Fire field, we primarily work to meet NFPA within all of our courses as a standard. We are able to customize our courses to fit the needs of the agencies or individuals who come to us both in skills taught and in the standards that need to be met.

Bringing knowledge, skills, techniques and a “Get it done” attitude to our style of teaching; for us, keeping every student intrigued and involved is a personal goal. Our instructors are all active, or have experience in, the field of their instruction. Many of them are current or prior military, fire, police, EMT/Paramedic, SWAT, or volunteer rescue team members as are the great majority of our students.

Ask us about grant opportunities that may be available to you for reimbursement of all our courses.

RTI is always improving upon our existing courses; making sure we are up to date with current standards within the rescue community, that our methods and skills taught balance the greatest safety and effectiveness, that our instructors and curriculum are interesting and easy to understand.

As well, we are constantly working to add new courses or customizations to our course cadre. We do extensive research, training, and testing during the building or customizing of our courses.

For example, we recently introduced our new ATV/UTV/SxS SafeRide eCourse and Driver programs for adults, are currently working on those courses for Juniors and Children. We’ve begun customizing part of our ATV Rescue program for equine addition. We’ve also already customized our Basic Water Safety course for Physical Therapists,  LifeGuards, and we are now building a Basic Water Rescue option for use in Aquariums and Zoos. And that’s all within just the past 6 months!

As of the end of 2019 we have taught over 135,450 personnel from around the world.

  • International focus – our students come from across the globe

  • Quality training – we put the very most of our efforts into our courses

  • People not profits – our focus is on saving lives, not on the $$


Rescue Training International uses real world training sites. We want our graduates to have experienced as close to a real situation and environment as we can – as safely as we can!!

We do not use simulator pools or water parks as they tend to leave the technician with a false sense of security. On special request we may make an exception, but like we said: real-world will always give you better preparation and expectation.

We can travel to your facility or training site as long as it provides a challenging enough environment, is safe, accessible, and meets the need of the course. Please ask us for more information if you are interested in having the course and instructor come to you.

We create an in depth Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each training location prior to start of course to make sure we and our instructors are prepared in case something comes up.


Search & Rescue, Safety, Survival

We want to make a positive difference in the world. To better our communities and their safety. To increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of all of our students. And to create opportunities for everyone to grow as both individuals and as teams.

We will give our best in every class we teach. We strive to give more information and more individual coaching with our training at a more affordable cost than anywhere else you’ll find out there.

Respect, Dedication, Loyalty

Our company is defined by these core values, which are our guiding principles in every class we teach and every decision we make for changes to the way we function. Making positive differences within our community and within those of all of our students is very important to us. We strive to always be honest and forthright within our family of Instructors and with our clients so that we can establish and maintain trust.

Hard work is the name of the game for everyone involved in rescue training. From those creating and maintaining the training programs and guidelines, those teaching and demonstrating the skills, and those learning to comprehend and complete the necessary safety standards and skills. There are no shortcuts and there are always new challenges to overcome. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and we believe everyone comes out better for sticking with it through the hard stuff. Everyone is made differently, both in body and mind, and we work together to ensure our Instructors and students receive the one on one coaching to overcome their personal challenges to be the best teacher or best technician that they can be.

We feel that the rescue community is its own kind of family and we want to keep that strong. Friendships are made in our training, as well as long standing ties between agencies and departments that otherwise might not have ever had a chance to work together. You’ll find that your network of people to contact for help, advice, or just discussions will increase with each class you join in on. With loyalty in mind, we don’t increase our prices if we can avoid it and we are available to you long after your course is over whenever you need help or have questions.

We can offer additional advice or suggestions on more than just the training. Let us know if you have questions on scenarios, gear, team setup, or anything else Rescue related!

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