Recertification Process

2015 Certification Renewal Notice

Each year we send out reminder notices if your certification is nearing renewal time.
(Note: If you have upgraded to an advanced level in the past two years, you do not have to renew at this time. You are still eligible to audit courses in the same discipline up to your certification level.)

You have several options available.

Option 1. Do nothing and your certification with RTI will expire on the listed date on your notice.

Option 2. Enroll and complete the next higher level (if available). Your certification will then be valid for another three years.

Option 3. Enroll in any of the open enrollment RTI courses at the same level and complete it before your expiration date.

Option 4. If you are part of an agency with multiple personnel that need to recertify at the same time, contact the RTI office or your instructor of choice to set up a course to complete your recertification.

We do offer modified recert courses for groups of recert personnel only. These courses will be shorter than the original length courses.

If you complete your recertification prior to the expiration date, RTI offers a 50% discount for recerting personnel. If the date passes, you would have to start over. Advanced levels included.

If you have any questions, contact the instructor of choice or the RTI Office.