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Location: Troup, Texas

Open Enrollment

Class size: 24 

Preregistration Required: (10% late fee less than 14 days before class)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: 18 hour course covering introduction to search, ICS for field teams, safety. survival packs, K9 disciplines, map and compass, pace count, navigation, active and passive search, tracking, site survey, search techniques, sounding, GPS and includes one night training session.

COURSE FORMAT: The GSAR 1 course is normally taught in a two day / 1 night training sessions. Day 1 morning is lecture,. Day 1 afternoon is basic maps, compass, navigation, pace count, and search techniques.  Day 1 night training includes navigation and searchs in dark condition. Day 2 is all field work with more techniques and field missions.

The person completing this course will have the knowledge and skills to function as a search team member.

  • No prerequisite required.
  • This course is a prerequisite for GSAR 2

STANDARDS: This course meets and exceeds Industry Standards and NFPA  1006  chapter 16, requirements. To completely meet all NFPA requirements the Technician would need to attend the GSAR 1, 2, 3 and Wilderness Survival 1.

PPE: Each student is required to provide their own Personal Protective Gear:

  • Hiking or duty boots with ankle support
  • Clothing appropriate for training site (NO SHORTS)
  • Headlight and hand held lights for night training
  • Hiking stick
  • Map Compass (Example – Stansport Deluxe @ Wal Mart $6.10)
  • 24 hr. SAR Pack (Sample list available from RTI) including hydration system or water bottles
  • trail mix or snacks for field work.
PHYSICAL FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: RTI field courses are strenuous in nature. RTI recommends the student be in good physical and mental condition. There are segments of the class that are predominately in the field and require significant walking, possibly in inclement weather. There will be no rest room facilities while on missions.

Additional course information will be emailed to each student registered.


Applications due two weeks prior to class

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