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Private Enrollment through Odessa College CE

Lead Instructor: Dean McCann – Lead Instructor

Class size: Limited to 12

Preregistration Required (10% late fee less than 14 days before class)

Course Description: This 50 hour course is specific to the oil and industrial  requirements for above ground OSHA, ANSI and NIOSH certifications. The course covers introduction to rope rescue, team ICS, standards, locating victim, scene search, safety, equipment familiarization and properties, rescue knots and hitches, anchor systems, belays, two rope rappel station, communications, medical considerations for patient removal, basic rappels with top belay, lock out, invert, multiple belay and rappel devices, problem solving and self rescue, night training, and basic ascending.

Course Format: The IRRT 1 course is normally taught in a 5 day format.

The person completing this course will have the knowledge and skills to decide the proper course of action to locate, access, stabilize and transport a victim from heights.

STANDARDS: This course meets and exceeds Industry standards and 2017 NFPA  1006, OSHA, ANSI and NIOSH requirements

PPE: Each student is required to provide their own Personal Protective Gear:

  •  Rescue Rated Seat Harness
  • Vertical rated Rescue Helmet
  • Double palm padded rappel gloves
  • Ankle support hiking or duty boots
  • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions (NO SHORTS) Shirts and long hair must be able to be tucked in or secured.

RENTAL GEAR: RTI has a limited number of gear sets of PFD and helmet for rent. First come basis.



Applications due two weeks prior to class

Online Application

Pay Online