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Instructor: Wesley Meyer- RTI Master Instructor

Texas State Guard Only

The WMFR course is a 2 day class which covers

Identification of Wilderness response (distance/remoteness and time), LAST + Lowest to Highest Risk solutions, Assessing  problem, Determining  best solution, Trail marking and locating position (trail sticks, map, compass, gps, stars, etc), SURVIVAL, Helicopter LZ, Typical injuries, Medical conditions, Extreme injuries, Assessment. Day 2 is Hands On including, Bandage, Splint, Spinal immobilization, Airway, Packaging, Slope Evac,  Heat related, Shock Management, Blood Loss,                 Other injuries / Illnesses

Prerequisites: Good physical condition. This training is open to all levels of medical knowledge. First aid up to surgeon.

Applications due two weeks prior to class

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